Protect your pride and joy. From personal to commercial vehicles, the right motor vehicle insurance can provide cover for all risks. Get started today and feel stress free.

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Car insurance?

Cover against loss or damage to your vehicle, costs you are liable to pay in an accident and more.

We seek out the best cover, suited to your specific needs.

Essential cover for business vehicles, which may at times transport valuable cargo.

Cover that balances exposure to losses and the overall cost of cover.

Frequently asked questions

We've compiled some of the most frequently asked questions with our answers. If you have any other questions, reach out to us today!

What does Ensura insurance offer?

A full package insurance service. We specialise in business, car and home.

How do you exactly find me insurance?

We work closely with industry-leading underwriters. Being an insurance broker, having extensive partnerships assist us in shopping around on your behalf to find policies that best suit you, at the most competitive prices.

When can I make claims and how?

Insurance is there to cover you in times of unfortunate events. If you have been in an accident, or have suffered damage or loss, get in touch with us to lodge your claim. We work with you to understand the details of the event, and will lodge and manage any claims on your behalf. If you are unsure if you need to lodge a claim, get in touch with us for assistance.

Why do I have to pay an excess?

Excess is a contribution towards your claim. In most cases (unless explicitly stated in the PDS) you will need to pay one or more excess fees.

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